INCEST: The Last Taboo? causes rating peak

Last night our film became the highest rating show for Current UK’s Monday night documentary slot! The film is expecting to have further rating hikes as national media coverage continues and the film continues to air!
See below!

Current makes waves with controversial hard hitting Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) documentary
You may have seen Current TV mentioned a few times in the media over the past couple weeks due to the controversial and hard hitting documentary we’ve worked on with Nick Ahlmark and Nicole Precel called ‘Incest: The Last Taboo?’
Last week ITV’s ‘This Morning’ interviewed ‘Ruth’ about her GSA experience falling in love with her biological father and having his baby. It’s an emotional and revealing interview about a relatively unknown topic. Click the link below to see that interview.

‘Ruth’ and her story feature in our documentary ‘Incest: The Last Taboo?’ Tonight at 10PM