From Kabul with hope

Noor’s journey from Afghanistan to Australia

On the Inside

The daily operations of a hospital tackling COVID-19

Fighting on the COVID-19 frontline

What’s it like being a frontline health worker during the coronavirus crisis?

The Invisible Crime

We followed the journey of sexual assault survivors through the criminal justice system, and this is what we found.

Teen shot and in hiding: life in Duterte's Philippines

When Ryan was 19, he was shot in a vigilante-style drug raid, his three teenage friends were shot dead. Three years later he remains in hiding.

Trauma cleaners

We follow trauma cleaners as they sanitise and clear a property where a man died but was not discovered for weeks.

Bring Leifer Back: Dassi Erlich's story

Dassi Erlich is campaigning to bring her alleged sexual abuser and former school principal back to Australia to face the courts.

Guo Pei fuses science and fashion

'I think all art... belongs to humanity': Chinese designer Guo Pei fuses science, fashion and culture in her NGV Triennial Legend collection.

Could lab-grown meat be in Australia's future?

For Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

Surviving Pam

Meet Rob and Alix Crapper, who survived Vanuatu's devastating category 5 cyclone.

Life on the Border: Tania Lacy

Australian comedian Tania Lacy opens up about her battle with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Sweat, scars and spandex: the life of a wrestler

Meet the wrestlers who willingly get beaten up, night after night, in front of crowds of people for very little money.

Aurukun: Mining for a Future

One determined aboriginal woman fights for her destitute community's share in Australia's mining profit.

King of the Forest

Noddy has been living off the gird for 14 years in an undisclosued location in rural Australia.

Building Better Lives

Building Better Lives helps give young people with acquired brain injury, better quality of life. Produced for the Human Rights Commission's 20 year anniversary of the disability discrimination act, Twenty Years, Twenty Stories.

A Taste for Roadkill

Follow wildlife expert Len Zell as he explores the wonderful world of roadkill etiquette and eating.

The Mountain Midwives of Vietnam

Shot for Al Jazeera English, Birthrights series.

Incest: The Last Taboo?

This documentary explores the sensitive issue of Genetic Sexual Attraction between consenting adults and the consequences that fall to those who act upon these impulses.

Rudely Interrupted

Rudely Interrupted rocks Melbourne.